NIVEA Soap, Crème Soft, For Hands and Body, 125g (4 Pieces)

by herbaworld

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Product description

Size:500 g

NIVEA Soaps provide effective cleansing of hands and body without losing skin’s natural moisture. NIVEA Soaps have a Total Fatty Matter (TFM) > 75%, which means that they have a higher cleansing efficacy. Higher the TFM, better is the soap. This makes NIVEA Soaps a better cleansing and moisturising soap than a normal bathing bar. NIVEA Soaps are gentle on the skin. They are better products for people who are prone to allergic reactions and breakouts. Follow the cleansing with NIVEA Soft Cream & NIVEA hand creams for your hands and NIVEA body lotions for your body.

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